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Internship Applications
Live-in Work Trade Program
(ends Oct


The basics:

1) You set up your own tent (144sq/ft max)..

2) You do your own meals (communal kitchen available).

3) One month commitment (any 30 day contiguous period).

2) You love to dance and consider it a vital part of who you are.

3) You love Nature and are happy to live a life that's in close relation to it.

4) You love our Mission/Vision Statement and our Beliefs, Values, Goals & Agreements (see below).​

After thoroughly reading everything on this page, please fill out the online application at the bottom if you are inspired, excited, and believe you will be a valuable addition to the internship program!

** Individuals and couples only, ages 18 and up. If you intend to share a tent with someone then please note that on your application AND have them fill out their own.



When does the internship program begin? How long does it last?

Month-long internships begin anytime after May 1st, 20234 Each person applies for one month to begin and then can renew for another month or two if approved.

Is there any cost?

No, not in terms of cash money. You do commit to 16 hours per week of work exchange.

What does that include?

You get a space for your tent, access to the communal kitchen, well water, hot outdoor showers, and composting toilets. Plus, interns are welcome to attend most classes and events for FREE.

What about children?

Right now we are taking adults only. Eventually we look forward to having many young people as part 

of this balanced, thriving residential community. There are currently two children living on property and that's plenty until we get to know this land a little better and what the needs of parents and children will be.

Is there wifi? Cell service?

Wifi no. Cell service (and therefore cell data) yes. Note however that phones, computers, iPads, etc. are used mostly in or around your tent space and not in communal areas or the property at large.

Can I put up a yurt or dome or build a treehouse?

As awesome as that sounds, tents only and those must be under 144 sq/ft.

Do I need to live there full time or can I just come up for the weekend?

Come and go as you like as long as you fulfill your weekly work exchange of 16 hours/wk.

What about pets?

No pets may accompany you during your intermship.

What about drugs/alcohol?

Use of recreational drugs and alcohol is very infrequent and preferably more like rare to none.


No. This includes vaping.

What about nudity?

Although this is absolutely NOT a nudist colony nakedness can and will the pond, hot tubs, and sauna for sure. And likely at random times and places elsewhere. You need to be comfortable with nudity if you are going to live here.

Can I do more than a month?

Yes, if all goes well the first month, then there will be an option to renew and extend your internship.

Are decisions communally made and done by consensus?

Some are, many are not. When it comes to specific needs/desires for the interns there is a process for making decisions as a group and having a part in how things work and what happens. Everyone's voice is valued and heard with care and respect. The larger vision and mission of Skyview (which the interns are there in support of) is under the direction of Daniel Mollner who has the final say on all matters regarding the property and project.

Can I offer classes and workshops there as an intern?

Not for the general public, but yes you may be able to lead a weekly movement, meditation, or skills-based class for the other interns (and residents) on the land as a portion of your weekly work trade..

What kind of projects/tasks will we be doing?

All manner of things! Gardening/landscaping with a permaculture focus, construction and building from retaining walls and decks to structures and plumbing/electrical, as well as event planning and producing on occasion. You need not have skill in these areas (yet) but if you do great! Part of the internship program's intention is to utilize the skills and passions you do have AND help you learn/discover new ones!

Where is it and how do I get there?

Skyview has no street address. It is in the Santa Cruz Mountains near the southern end of Skyview Road. It's half an hour to Boulder Creek and about an hour to either Santa Cruz or San Jose.. Getting here for some is no big deal. For others it is. The private road up to the property is a combination of dirt and pavement. It is easily traversable by all vehicles except the last mile. An all wheel drive or 4-wheel drive is preferred, but not necessary. Mini coopers, Prius, and other low to the ground vehicles all regularly drive this road. The key is to go slowly and watch for oncoming vehicles as it is single lane in many places.

Vision/Mission Statement

Kyerw daniel ya mei-79.jpg

We envision a world where everyone dances daily! A world in which every member of the human family freely expresses themselves while balancing care and responsibility for the whole. In such a world--the world we actually are moving toward and creating right now--Individuals and communities value and generate connection, belonging, reverence, play, learning, creativity, authenticity, service, sacredness, and a deep sense of love for and stewardship of the earth.


Our mission therefore at Skyview is to create an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable center in the Santa Cruz Mountains offering campouts, workshops, classes, and events for the local and global community. Additionally, we provide a thriving, healthy, and balanced home for our residents who co-create community in support of the larger vision.

Kyerw daniel ya mei-10_edited.jpg

Beliefs and Values

Kyerw daniel ya mei-37.jpg

We are a forming group of 6-12 residents who choose to co-create our lives together on this very precious piece of land (in unceded Amah Mutsun terrtiory). We do so for our own personal reasons AND we do so in service of our mission to create an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable center offering classes, workshops, and campouts to the local, and global, community. In the face of a world in crisis, we are exploring together how we might begin to co-create a new culture of healing, connection and transformation, in balance with the natural world, and to serve as a living example, manifesting a vision of a new reality in our daily lives.


We deliberately gather around a set of collective understandings and interests, including dance & embodiment, permaculture, and compassionate communication. Living together might not always be easy, and because we have a solid foundation, set ways to explore conflict, and an overarching care for each other, we believe we can always respond creatively and with presence to any challenge or opportunity for growth.


We seek to celebrate and honor diversity, whether that be through perspective, race, gender, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, background, age, etc. We open our arms and hearts to all those who wish to bring us their experiences of joy and pain, of love and fear, and all that which transcends polarity. We as a community are constantly learning about how best to serve the world and each other. We welcome those who wish to teach, learn, and honor the differences and similarities within all of us.


As a center in the initial stages of forming on this piece of land, we have an incredible opportunity to actively participate, from the ground up, in making this place a true source of authenticity, presence, joy (broadly defined), beauty, (broadly defined) and healing/transformation for all who are drawn here. And so especially in these initial stages, we are really seeking people who can say “I love what you’re doing here! How can I help?” This is not a turnkey-style community. It will take combined effort and commitment to turn it into everything it might one day become. And with that said, there will be much dancing, laughter, and love along the way!


When considering new interns, we are seeking those aligned with the following:



  1. We come together as a circle of diverse individuals, committed to nourishing ourselves, others, and this planet through a simple, sustainable lifestyle which incorporates and celebrates life, love, work, play, free inquiry, learning, multi-cultural expression, and each of our own unique spiritual practices.

  2. We believe each person is inherently a competent, creative, compassionate being with gifts that only they can offer. We honor the inherent dignity and worth of all life and of all people, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, financial resources, or spiritual and political beliefs. We commit ourselves to supporting each other in living this vision.

  3. We believe in the healing power of unconditional positive regard, and that we can only truly thrive when we are held (and hold others) with this loving awareness.

  4. We believe that all of us are magnified when every one of us feels free to fully self-express, while simultaneously holding care and attention to the group as a whole.

  5. We believe that ultimately each individual is 100% responsible for their own experience. That being acknowledged, we see that cooperation emerges as the fundamental model for human endeavor. When a proper balance exists between the independence of the individual and the interdependence of the community, each serves to enhance and complement the other. While we choose to live in a cooperative community, caring for and supporting each other's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, we each take primary responsibility for our own actions and needs.

  6. Conflict solutions generated through cooperation and mutual creativity often transcend solutions generated by any single person, and can transform the very arena of conflict itself. We commit ourselves to transcend mere compromise and to reach for truly transformative solutions.

  7. All life is deserving of respect, care, and consideration.

  8. Sustainable options are greater than unsustainable options.

  9. We can be the most effective agents of change when we practice clarity of mind and body.

  10. We value actual, real-world interactions over virtual, technology-mediated interactions.

Goals and Agreements

Kyerw daniel ya mei-49.jpg


  1. Create a center that serves as a living demonstration of our vision

  2. Serve and reach out to the local and global community, encouraging spiritual and cultural diversity and other forms of creative expression while providing a sense of inclusion, integration and celebration through responsible community activities

  3. Foster the lifelong learning and growth of every community member, recognizing that each individual is both teacher and learner

  4. Facilitate the transition toward a life of elegant simplicity

  5. Nurture an increasingly abundant world by enhancing living systems while reducing consumption of resources

  6. Preserve our landholding through proper stewardship and ecologically sound use of our resources

  7. Envision a positive restorative future and develop the skills needed to create it

  8. Promote personal and planetary healing on all levels

  9. Cultivate greater awareness and mindfulness, balancing a healthy relationship between our inner lives and the outer world

  10. Practice active participation in creating the world we want to see, sharing interests, talents, and friendship in an ongoing way with our community

  11. Practice integrity and honoring agreements, speak what is true for us and own our experiences, align our actions with our values

  12. Focus on real, in-person relationships and reduce the role of virtual technology in our lives

  13. Create a home in our community and have a plan for financial stability



  1. I will strive to align with and support the community Vision, Mission, and Goals.

  2. I will follow all policies, guidelines, and procedures established by the community, as well as the center, and willingly accept the consequences of non-compliance. I will learn and abide by the community governance & decision-making process that we follow.

  3. I will participate in community gatherings to the best of my ability including monthly land meetings, weekly group meals and regular land projects.

  4. I will contribute 16 hours a week toward community & land projects.

  5. I will give as much advance notice as possible if I need to change my schedule.

  6. I will deal directly, openly and honestly with others, avoiding physical and emotional abuse in my relationships, and treating all life with respect.

  7. I will remain as conscious and open as I possibly can to feedback from other community members. If conflict arises, I will first seek resolution with the individual involved. If that fails, to seek assistance as available in our community through means of Restorative Justice and compassionate nonviolent communication.

  8. I will take responsibility for my emotions, ideas, beliefs, and behaviors and their effects on others.

  9. I will inform the community of situations in my life that I believe may pose a risk to the community, in part or as a whole.

  10. I will clean up after myself, my children, and pets, leaving things in better condition than I found them.

  11. I will treat children with love and respect, while setting personal boundaries. If I do not like what they are doing I am welcome to tell them in a kind way that they need to respect my needs/space. For example, "When you climb on me it is uncomfortable, can you sit next to me instead?", or "When you speak in that loud voice it hurts my ears, could you use an inside voice?" They are learning from all of us, all the time, so be mindful of the behavior you choose to display around them. I will connect with the child's parent/guardian for all other needs and concerns.

  12. I will minimize my resource impact by turning off lights/appliances when not in use, minimizing use of electricity/propane/water/etc.

  13. I will respect others by maintaining quiet hours between 10pm and 7am.

  14. I will contain screen & device time to my own personal spaces, indoors or screened off space. I will be responsible for my own internet connection via a data hotspot or other agreed-upon method. No wifi transmitters on property.

  15. I will exercise judicious use of photo-taking devices generally and only take photos with the permission of anyone included in the photo before taking any picture.

  16. I will keep any use of substances infrequent and inside private spaces and will uphold the understanding that any use of substances will not impact the community as a whole. I will create a community that supports optimal responsive nervous systems and that starts with my own!

  17. I will extend respect, care and dignity to life/animals/plants. I am interested in a plant-based diet where possible and any meat/flesh products that I may use will be stored, prepared & consumed in my personal space only. The communal kitchen is Vegetarian/Vegan. I will seek to live in harmony with nature as much as possible. Where possible, I will prefer organic products to non-organic products.

  18. I will avoid using non-biodegradable materials whenever possible. This includes unnecessary plastics, as well as non-biodegradable soaps/shampoos/skin-care products/etc. If a large plastic item is necessary and no alternative is available, I will consult with Daniel or whomever he has delegated to assist with such matters.

  19. I understand that this land does NOT emphasize nudity as a life-style. It will however be clothing-optional and nakedness will happen regularly in the pond, hot tub, and sauna areas...and likely at other random times and places...especially when it's hot!

  20. I make time to slow down, notice, and appreciate my surroundings and all my relations. I also make time to play, be vulnerable, and balance self-regulation with co-regulation.

  21. I practice "I" statements when speaking to fully own my experience.

  22. I commit to aligning with the knowledge that I'm always at choice, that I'm valued, and that I'm ultimately in service/connection to something larger than myself.

This feels like a big "YES!"

If after reading all of the above material thoroughly, you feel a strong pull to be an intern at Skyview then please fill out the application below. Of course there's more to making a final decision so we'll get back to you after reading your application and let you know what we think/feel. If so, we'll schedule a phone interview as the next round of questions and answers and getting to know each other. An in person final interview and property visit will be the last step in the process. Looking forward to whatever unfolds!

** Individuals and couples only, ages 18 and up. If sharing a tent with someone then please note that on your application AND have them fill out their own.

Skyview Internship Application

Thank you for your application and we'll get back to you within 7 days!

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