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When considering new residents, we are seeking those aligned with the following:



  1. We come together as a circle of diverse individuals, committed to nourishing ourselves, others, and this planet through a simple, sustainable lifestyle which incorporates and celebrates life, love, work, play, free inquiry, learning, multi-cultural expression, and each of our own unique spiritual practices.

  2. We believe each person is inherently a competent, creative, compassionate being with gifts that only they can offer. We honor the inherent dignity and worth of all life and of all people, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, financial resources, or spiritual and political beliefs. We commit ourselves to supporting each other in living this vision.

  3. We believe in the healing power of unconditional positive regard, and that we can only truly thrive when we are held (and hold others) with this loving awareness.

  4. We believe that all of us are magnified when every one of us feels free to fully self-express, while simultaneously holding care and attention to the group as a whole.

  5. We believe that ultimately each individual is 100% responsible for their own experience. That being acknowledged, we see that cooperation emerges as the fundamental model for human endeavor. When a proper balance exists between the independence of the individual and the interdependence of the community, each serves to enhance and complement the other. While we choose to live in a cooperative community, caring for and supporting each other's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, we each take primary responsibility for our own actions and needs.

  6. Conflict solutions generated through cooperation and mutual creativity often transcend solutions generated by any single person, and can transform the very arena of conflict itself. We commit ourselves to transcend mere compromise and to reach for truly transformative solutions.

  7. All life is deserving of respect, care, and consideration.

  8. Sustainable options are greater than unsustainable options.

  9. We can be the most effective agents of change when we practice clarity of mind and body.

  10. We value actual, real-world interactions over virtual, technology-mediated interactions.

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