"I had such an incredible experience at the last campout. I felt so warmly welcomed into the community, had such deep connections, rich intimacy, lots of laughter... it was immense medicine for me on all levels of my being."

-- C. A.  Santa Cruz


** Offered in compliance with variances for outdoor recreation and group exercise **

Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, Contact Improv with Nature, Breathwork, Song Circles, a beautiful Solstice ceremony, and much more!

All outdoors at Camp Loma

All ages welcome

Registration is still open with partial or full camp passes available. Be advised that we are at 80% capacity on the weekends.

(there will be no single day passes)


Join us for a super special 10 days of movement, music, nature, and community. All in compliance with variances for outdoor recreation and group exercise.  Ecstatic dances, classes, workshops, song circles, music jams, ritual/prayerformance, and other special treats still coming together for this magical week and a half in the woods!

Price includes camping plus all dances, classes, playshops, activities, and events. Meals are NOT provided. Each participant is responsible for their own meals. There will be a food vendor with limited menu/service (see FAQ). You choose when you want to come and for how long based on one of these three packages.

4 days/3 nights    $350

7 days/6 nights    $580

Full Camp             $777

(sorry, no days passes)

You will choose your specific days when registering. Children 6 and under free.

NOTE: Our BIPOC scholarships have all been awarded. It is an honor to help increase ethnic/cultural/racial diversity and inclusivity at our campouts. We will open BIPOC scholarship applications for the Fall Equinox campout starting July 15th

DJ lineup so far: VOLO, KR3TURE, Avira, Yemanjo, Sheena Medicina, Avani, Jesse James Hendricks (aka Timeless Gypsy), Dayva Dawn, Franky Helix, Moody Shapes, Devinfromheaven, Mark Tanaka, and Daniel Mollner.

This is a drug and alcohol-free event. All ages welcome.  Photography/video by professional staff only. Please leave pets at home.


Click HERE for full schedule/Itinerary

Click HERE to read our FAQ

IMPORTANT: All offerings will be outdoors and in compliance with variances for outdoor recreation and group exercise. Masks are not required if maintaining 6ft distance and anyone can wear a mask whenever they choose. Those from the same household or pod may be as close as they wish. There may be adjustments to California’s current policy/guidelines on June 15th.


I am requiring people to self-screen and think carefully about risks and responsibilities. If you don’t feel well I am asking you to stay home and not come. I’m not collecting any deposits for that reason. I expect anywhere from 80 to 120 people. Camp Loma is a very large camp with plenty of space for that number of people. There will be sanitizer available throughout camp as there would be at any time since there are always bacteria and viruses to take precautions against at a group campout.


Mostly, I want folks to come only if they feel really good about it. If it brings anxiety or dread or feels edgy then wait until our Equinox campout this Fall. I hope this info helps. Take your time in making your decision. Either way, I look forward to dancing with you when the time and place is right.

Sign-up below now. Space is limited.

No deposit required. You will pay in cash upon arrival at camp. Again, CASH ONLY , no other forms of payment accepted.

Registration for Solstice Campout

June 18-27, 2021 at Camp Loma

To register, please complete the information below. Click the "Continue" button and fill in the next field. You then must click "Submit" to finalize and send. Everyone must submit this application in order to attend. Thank you!





Worldwide Center for Ecstatic Dance

in the Santa Cruz Mountains

It's official! The project has launched. Get involved and be a part of the future by taking the survey below today!

Site Plan Phase 1.png

P h a s e   O n e
March 2021 to September 2021

  • Identify & secure investor(s) to create financing and capital for $1.5M-$2.0M home/land purchase

  • Locate and acquire 5 to 10 acres with at least one legally permitted home within 35 min. of SC

  • Move onto property with initial design/build team. Begin set-up and construction

  • 10 to 15 full-time residents or “pioneers" ;-)


September 2021 to September 2023

  • Completion of temporary facilities for events, classes/workshops, and retreats 

  • Continue installation/build of remaining infrastructure and gardens

  • Add 15 tiny home sites

  • Options for day use or camping passes for non-residents

  • Increase resident population to 30


Ecstatic Dance Center

Project Launch Survey

(5 questions, 5 minutes)

Would you want to live at the Center? (check all that apply)

If you are wondering about how to get involved or learn more about the project, take the survey above. That will connect us and let us know you are interested. Also stay tuned to this website for updates and additional details plus future opportunities to create with us!

All my park dances will continue as scheduled
even during the Solstice campout!


Outdoor Dist-Dances

(Three times weekly!)

Mondays and Thursdays

5pm to Sunset

Saturdays 2pm to 4pm

at Ocean View Park in SC

Ocean View Park is an amazing place for an Ecstatic Dance outside overlooking the beautiful Monterey Bay. With three dances offered each week you've got plenty of opportunity to move, express, and connect with your innermost wisdom and resource. Come join us any Monday, Thursday, or Saturday afternoon. 

Outdoor dist-dances are compliant with shelter in place variances for outdoor group exercise and will be offered at least through the summer and fall...weather permitting! If it's raining, we won't dance. I'll post a cancellation notice right here by noon on the day of the scheduled dance so you'll know for sure. Otherwise you can assume the dance is happening!


** $10 per headset (cash only, please). All outdoor dist-dances using “Silent Disco” headphones that I provide and 10’ physical distancing. Compliant with SCC variances for outdoor group exercise.


  "My life is devoted to community, family, creativity, play, and service. 

 Whatever I can do to help people be more connected, more fully 

 expressed, and more embodied, that's what I'm all about." 


April Update


Happy Spring Everyone!

First off, let's welcome in the new season. I hope you are enjoying the shift to warmer weather, longer days, and a greener landscape. I feel the surge of new life blooming all around me and am grateful for this beautiful reminder of Life's ongoing cycles.


And speaking of new life, I am happy to officially announce that my Beloved and I are expecting another child!!! Many of you may have already heard, but in case you haven't, Ya Mei is 15 weeks pregnant and due October 5th. She is my hero. Any woman that decides to have a child a second time...knowing full well after the first what is in store for their bodies...well what could be more heroic and courageous than that?!?


We are beyond thrilled, super blessed, and deeply honored to be bringing in and loving up another member of our family. Novana is excited for a sibling and just yesterday asked if the baby was ready to come out yet.


I love being a dad and it's a whole new world of Love and Loving. I am grateful for the privilege and fully committed to showing up in the best ways I possibly can for both my children and my beloved partner.


Thank you friends, family and community for holding us. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for celebrating us. Thank you for sharing this precious time on Planet Earth with us.


Before I close out this writing I must say a big WOW and WOHOO to the response to the launch of the Ecstatic Dance Center Project last month! What an incredible outpouring of joy, encouragement, and interest in making this dream a reality. Thank you everyone for your trust in me, for your enthusiasm, and for sharing your own visions of the life you want to be living. There were way too many emails to respond to all of them individually so I held two informational meeting to share more with a group and answer questions. If you weren't able to make those meetings I'll be adding a FAQ on the center to this website soon.


So much magic afoot! I hope you will join us for one or more events listed above...there is abundant goodness available for you to soak up and take part in.


With Much Love and Gratitude,


about me

I live in Santa Cruz, California and am grateful every day for the gift of life. I am passionate about creative expression and I am devoted to building communities that balance personal freedom with care for the whole. My love of freeform conscious dance nourishes me daily and inspires me to share the gift of music, dance, and conscious touch wherever it is wanted or needed. My community, family, friends, and loved ones provide the perfect blend of belonging and freedom. I know my purpose and how I am needed.  I know that those who care about me want only one thing from me...to give them my authentic self.


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Have a question? Make sure to check the FAQ section to see if your answer is there first. If you still need more info (or just want to send me some love and appreciation) don't hesitate to use this tool to zip an email to my inbox!

photo A. Orion