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Become a Founding Lender!

P h a s e   O n e
March 2021 to September 2021

  • Locate 20-30 acres with at least one legally permitted home within 35 min. of Santa Cruz

  • Identify & secure investor(s) for $1M purchase and improvement of 980 Travers Lane

  • Move onto property with initial design/build team. Begin set-up and construction

  • 6 to 8 full-time residents or “pioneers"


September 2021 to September 2023

  • Completion of temporary facilities for events, classes/workshops, and retreats 

  • Continue installation/build of remaining infrastructure and gardens

  • Add 15 tiny home sites

  • Options for day use or camping passes for non-residents

  • Increase resident population to 30

Site Plan Phase 1.png

Phase One is in progress! I have a target site in Corralitos, CA.
This could be the future home of Barefoot Farm, a center for Ecstatic Dance and supportive modalities with your financial participation.
Will you join our Founding Lenders Group and help make that happen?
So far we have 18 members with $230K of $650K needed to make this dream real!


Founding Lender Opportunity


Earn 6% APR on $10K or more!

(plus special perks and bonuses)


Your money not only gains a solid financial return (secured loan at 6% APR) but also creates the world's first center for Ecstatic Dance and its supportive modalities.

Click HERE to receive the LENDER PACKET via email today


If you are wondering about how to get involved or learn more about the project, stay tuned to this website for updates and additional details plus future opportunities to create with us!

It's that time of year...


6th Annual


Oct. 31st from 6pm to 10pm

Santa Cruz Yoga (on the Westside) 


Join us for another glorious evening of costumes, dance, performance, and other ghoulish delights. This will be our 6th year in a row offering a special Ecstatic Dance on the night when the veils between the worlds are thinnest.


As always, we create a unique blend of sacredness and ceremony combined with  play and celebration. We will have a special altar for you to bring a photo or memento of a loved one who has crossed over. We will have a Dance with the Ancestors ritual as well as an opening invocation and closing circle. DJs Daniel Mollner and Maurizio Alvarez will each play with a special  performance by Deanna Falge between their sets.

Costumes highly encouraged! Take this opportunity to dress as your alter ego, let your monstrous side out, and/or become your favorite character. We may have a spontaneous, informal costume contest ;-)

This is a limited-capacity event held indoors. Please come only if you are ready and willing to take 100% responsibility for your own health and safety.

$25  Early Bat (SOLD OUT)

$35  Advance Online

$40  Door


Only 50 tickets will be sold so grab advance tickets now available only here through this website! It's PayPal but you can also use a credit card.

Santa Cruz Yoga is located at 402 Ingalls St. on the westside of Santa Cruz. This event is for ages 18 and up. Absolutely no drugs/alcohol.

Lotus Flower_edited.jpg

Once again, I'm renting Maitreya Retreat for another special evening of movement, expression, connection, and sacredness. As with our last event, please come if you feel called and if you are ready and willing to take 100% responsibility for your experience, health, and safety. This is an outdoor event so there is NO requirement for masks, tests, or vax. Read below for details. I would be honored to have you there should you feel the call.

6:00p Doors open

6:15p Yoga with Kelly Kramer

7:15p Opening Circle and Sound Bath with Matter

7:30p Ecstatic Dance with Daniel Mollner

9:00p Sound Bath with Matter

9:40p Closing Circle

​ONLY the tubs and sauna are clothing optional for this event. Please keep this event cell phone free, substance free, and scent free. Otherwise, you are fully at choice any time during the event. Thank you for consistently practicing active consent in all your interactions with others.

NOTE: Please bring your own towel if possible. It makes it easier on Maitreya and much easier for you to spot your own towel in the mass of all the generic white towels they hand out!

$35 in advance, $45 at the door. Maitreya passes/memberships not valid for this event.

Altared postcard new front.png

Do you want to create a better world through living your purpose? How would it feel to be fully living a life that you consciously designed for yourself? And what would it be like to do that with love and support while having a blast?


I am so incredibly excited about this! Ian & I are teaming up on a process of how we can help make dreams come true. The inspiration for all of it has been YOU. You all have special hearts and so many of you are bursting open with a fiery desire to utilize your unique talents to change the world. In countless conversations with this community, we have also felt the barriers, resistance and incredible challenges that people are experiencing as they attempt to do that. We’re here to help create a framework of internal and external support that will change this paradigm, allowing for the realization of your most potent life goals and purpose.


To get a taste of what this can look like, we’re offering a free Vision Workshop to immerse into the realm of wild possibility with us.



  -Estrella Collective (175 Walnut Ave., Suite A, Santa Cruz)


  -2pm to 5pm

  -Limited Spaces

  -To save a spot, go HERE


Thursday looks doable..stay tuned...


Outdoor Dances

(Three times weekly!)

Mondays and Thursdays

5pm to Sunset

Saturdays 2pm to 4pm

at Ocean View Park in SC

Ocean View Park is an amazing place for an Ecstatic Dance outside overlooking the beautiful Monterey Bay. With three dances offered each week you've got plenty of opportunity to move, express, and connect with your innermost wisdom and resource. Come join us any Monday, Thursday, or Saturday afternoon. 

Outdoor dances will be offered at least through the fall and early winter...weather permitting! If it's raining, we won't dance. I'll post a cancellation notice right here by noon on the day of the scheduled dance so you'll know for sure. Otherwise you can assume the dance is happening!


** $10 per headset (cash only, please). All outdoor dances using “Silent Disco” headphones that I provide. Compliant with SCC variances for outdoor group exercise.

Weekly indoor dancing suspended until further notice


So excited to begin dancing indoors with you again! I'll continue offering 3 outdoor dances still which I love doing, but...

 WOW am I ready to move indoors with a smooth, clean wooden floor and the sweet holding space of four walls.

Oh did I mention full subs for the BASS that bumps and caresses our bodies??!! Yeah been missing that, too ;-)

$15 cash at the door

(old circle passes will be honored)

  "My life is devoted to community, family, creativity, play, and service. 

 Whatever I can do to help people be more connected, more fully 

 expressed, and more embodied, that's what I'm all about." 


August Update

Growing a worldwide community of healthy, empowered people.


Through dance, I believe everyone can discover, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. By engaging our senses and listening to our bodies, we connect to others and shape a consciousness that extends beyond our own.


And that to me is what it's all about...simultaneously cultivating personal freedom AND group awareness/care/responsibility in order to create a more sustainable and JUST world.

We join together in the simple and courageous act of freeform dance. We co-create movement, music and community. In this space...

Every BODY is unique.


All are welcome, especially People of Color, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Same-Gender Loving People. Whatever your shape, size, age, or ability you are welcome and wanted here!

I believe in inclusivity, responsibility, and freedom. I'll bet you do, too.

about me

I live in Santa Cruz, California and am grateful every day for the gift of life. I am passionate about creative expression and I am devoted to building communities that balance personal freedom with care for the whole. My love of freeform conscious dance nourishes me daily and inspires me to share the gift of music, dance, and conscious touch wherever it is wanted or needed. My community, family, friends, and loved ones provide the perfect blend of belonging and freedom. I know my purpose and how I am needed.  I know that those who care about me want only one thing from me...to give them my authentic self.


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