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  "My life is devoted to community, family, creativity, play, and service. 

 Whatever I can do to help people be more connected, more fully 

 expressed, and more embodied, that's what I'm all about." 

December Update

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A time for visioning

For the month of December I'll be taking a break from all classes, dances, workshops, and events. I've got a big vision for 2021 (and the decades/centuries beyond) that I'm clarifying and I am clearing my schedule for that vision to fully reveal itself and my part in it. Please find whatever ways you can to move, connect, and express this month. I am excited to share my vision with you soon and you can be sure I'll have plenty of opportunities and offerings for you in the new year!

With Love,


about me

I live in Santa Cruz, California and am grateful every day for the gift of life. I am passionate about creative expression and I am devoted to building communities that balance personal freedom with care for the whole. My love of freeform conscious dance nourishes me daily and inspires me to share the gift of music, dance, and conscious touch wherever it is wanted or needed. My community, family, friends, and loved ones provide the perfect blend of belonging and freedom. I know my purpose and how I am needed.  I know that those who care about me want only one thing from me...to give them my authentic self.



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