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FAQ Fast!

How do I get there?

See complete directions at the bottom of this page. Getting there can be challenging for some. The route is paved most of the way but not the last mile which is steep and narrow in some places. Any vehicle can make it if you drive very slowly. And of course if you have a four-wheel or all-wheel drive bring that.​

Do you have a refund or cancellation policy?

Yes! Cancellations will receive credit for a future gathering.

What about masks, tests, and vaccines?

All are optional and at your own discretion.

I"m not feeling well, should I come anyway?

No, absolutely not.. Stay at home and rest. We will see you at the next campout when you are well.​

Can I bring my kids?

This gathering is for ages 18 and up only.

Can I take pictures?

Photography/video by professional staff only.


Can I bring my dog, cat, goat, ferret, other non-human animal?

No, please leave ALL pets at home. Excluding bona fide service animals.

What about substances?

This is a completely drug and alcohol-free event. Do not bring, buy, sell, consume, or be under the influence anywhere on property at any time. If you absolutely need an exception to this for health reasons please check in with Daniel.​

Do I eat before coming?

It is recommended that you eat your normal breakfast before arriving.

What's this "ceremonial" break of the fast thing on the last day and does everyone have to do it?

We will create a 24 hour container for fasting together. To begin it we will share some fresh organic fruit at noon on the first day. Then we will intentionally break the fast at noon on the next day with more fresh organic fruit and a focus on savoring it and giving thanks.

Will I be able to use my cell phone?

Yes, there is cell phone reception. And we ask that all devices are used minimally.

Is there wifi?



Is there work trade available?

All work trade positions are filled.

Are there scholarships available?

If you have previously received our BILPOC scholarship you are being automatically renewed and invited back for all of 2023. No new applications are possible at this time.

Can I facilitate something?

All facilitator slots are filled.


Can I camp/sleep in my car or van?



Can I bring my RV or trailer?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate them.


Are there bathrooms?

There are composting toilets and outdoor hot showers

Are there quiet hours or quiet zones at night?

Quiet hours are from 10pm to 8am in all areas.


Are there sunny/shady spots for my tent?

There are plentiful areas of sun, shade, or a mixture of the two.

Is there good drinking water there?

Water is from a well. Everyone seems to like it. The water is tested regularly. No one has gotten sick.

Is there a pond and/or hot tub?

Yes, both.


What should I bring?

Here's a list of things to consider bringing (by no means complete but should point you in the right direction):


Sleeping pad

Sleeping bag

Ear plugs


Warm Clothes

Sun hat




Camping chairs

Meditation bench/cushion

Floor pillows

Back jack

Yoga mat


Water bottle



Tote Bag or Daypack

Your curiosity, willingness, sense of humor, ownership of your experience, and care for self and others




** NOTE the private road up to the property is a combination of dirt and pavement. It is easily traversable by all vehicles except the last mile. An all wheel drive or 4-wheel drive is preferred for that section, but not necessary. Mini coopers, Prius, and other low to the ground vehicles all have made it. Simply drive slowly and watch for oncoming vehicles as it is single lane in many places.


The property is on Skyview Road above Boulder Creek. There are no street addresses but you can still use your phone for directions. Apple maps is the only accurate one though! Simply ask for directions to "Skyview Rd, California 95006" and it will take you all the way to the bullet car. We'll have signs posted to guide you the rest of the way. Just go left at that point instead of right and then follow the're almost there! You can also enter the GPS coordinates 37°11'12.4"N 122°05'29.8"W and that gets you pretty much right to our property. Note that if you try Google for directions it will miss a very key hard left turn off Deer Creek Road onto Ramble Road so be super mindful and use these written directions below to help in that section!


Here are the written out directions given to me by the former property owners, including some local commentary:

• From Boulder Creek, head up Bear Creek Road 4.5mi to left on Deer Creek Road

• 2.1 mi to left on Ramble Road (extremely sharp left)

◦ This is about 1/3 mile past the THIRD BRIDGE

◦ Ramble is not signed, but it is a paved left, extremely sharp and steep

• 1.6 mi up Ramble (and I do mean up)

◦ First half is paved; rougher road after the halfway point

◦ You don’t need to go through any closed gates, just stay on the main road

• Left on Skyview, at the top; there’s a sign and the bullet car is un-missable

◦ Don't go up the part with all the red reflectors

◦ Road follows the ridge 0.2 miles

◦ You'll see our sign and arrow directing you to turn right onto the property

◦ Proceed to the check in tent

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