Values and Mission


Motion Pacific Mission: Motion Pacific is dedicated to dance as art, cultivating imagination, community engagement and discipline through accessible dance education and presentation.


Vision: Santa Cruz Dance envisions a vibrant dance culture based on artistic excellence. Which serves to strengthen Santa Cruz as a regional, national, and international center for dance performance and training.


Goals: To create resources (such as marketing & advertising), peer support, and forum for conversation for the Santa Cruz dance community.


To assist in the creation & production of original dance


Promote cultural and artistic diversity and innovation


Encourage artist & organizations to create engaging partnerships and civic collaborations, ensuring that we continue to identify & leverage resources for our members and our community


Increase visibility for dance artists that engage a diverse community in an effort to bring new audiences to dance


Seek to support diversity by crossing into new areas of cultural expression through leading-edge collaborative performance


Increase accessibility to dance in Santa Cruz County


Values: Dance is essential for the general well-being of any community


Dance is a constructive tool for healthy expression, communication & appreciation

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As always, the intent would be to bring people out of spectator mode, connect as a group, and strengthen our sense of community with a shared positive vibe. Ultimately, I'd like people to consider that at a fundamental level we are all dancers regardless of our level of experience or whether or not we have been developing dance as an art/craft.

© 2020 by Daniel Mollner

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