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2017: a fresh start

January 9, 2017


It's the beginning of a new calendar year. I love using this "human-made" delineation in time as an opportunity to see everything anew...each of us having a fresh start.


The past year brought many surprises. Some I liked. Some I didn't.


This year I spent the last few days of 2016 with the Earthdance community in Massachusetts. I was invited to cohost and facilitate their annual New Year's Contact Jam. Here's the theme we explored:


How do I respond when things go differently than I expected? Especially when it's something that I dislike...or maybe even frightens me.


I am curious about how to get out of a reactionary or distressed response mode. I asked each of the participants at the jam to investigate what it's like to soften and/or pause first. To be with "what is currently so" before criticizing, strategizing, escaping, blaming, opposing, etc.


In doing so, we discovered new realms of possibility for our movement. We got to experience a fresh start after pausing and softening...moving with new perspective and understanding for the truth, whether we liked it or not initially.


I encourage you to give this try on the dance floor--or in your life beyond the dance floor. We all have habitual responses and entrenched beliefs. Yet we can grow ourselves as human beings by finding new and creative ways to respond to life as it unfolds. And in case you haven't noticed, life seems to unfold on it's own terms much more than yours or mine!


Blessings to you in the new year (Gregorian calendar) and may you find yourself grateful for and inspired by this fresh start.    Much love, Daniel





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