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Day Two Ecstatic Dance Adventure: Sacramento!

October 5, 2016


Whee! We zipped through Monday with cuddles, noms, a bit more structure, and a lot more dance. Warning: the post ahead will be a little more ecstatic, to reflect my state OF ALL OVER THE PLACE. Blah! Meow.


After decorating our bagels and yogurt bowls, Daniel and Hamid facilitated a community meeting, in which we came up with some agreements. Well, they came up with them, but we felt like we did! I guess that's the mark of great facilitation. I'm curious how these agreements express themselves in the days to come. For now, I feel gratitude for safe-space boundaries.


On the Ecstatic Dance Adventure Tour we as a community decided:

  1. Self-Care

  2. Take responsibility for your emotions

  3. Only first base on the bus. If you want to have sex, enjoy yourself outside the bus.

  4. SOBER! May have alcohol with dinner on nights out, if part of meal experience.

  5. Must wear swimsuit in the lake :/


During Breakfast Rosey lead us in a Monday morning Twerkshop. We learned how to thrust while relaxing our hips. Pro tip: practice with your hands on the floor and your legs against the wall for ease of hip opening. Happy campers that we were, we used trees rather than walls for our twerk-sesh. At some point, I owe the internet a boomerang video of me twerking in a hamster onesie. Ascension, almost.


Sidenote: Brynne wouldn't take a picture of our booty-shaking unless we got some male bodies in the workshop. That felt important to share.


Blah blah showers, blah blah packed ourselves lunch. Ok headed towards the capitol, we brewed excitement about spontaneously dancing in front of our state building. Is this legal even? How could it not be? Our inner parents worried while our inner children spun themselves and each other dizzy.


Robin played his hang-drum sitting criss cross in the center of our circle. If you haven't heard one before, it sounds like a trickling intergalactic stream. Even though I felt so aware of how exposed we were, the beauty of the instrument made it easier to surrender to the dance. Most of the time we dance in the safe container of a private dance studio, a place where we know for sure that our weirdness will be met with the loving gaze of other weirdos. What building in California is more public than the State Capitol? Despite this, every single one of us danced. Many of us even reached bliss.


This is one of my favorite things, context-hacking, making passersby question if they are experiencing a glitch in the matrix. Monks with iphones started recording us alongside sassy teenagers, suits, and journalists. If you don't' believe me, find us in page 5 of the Sacramento Bee ;). Self-expression this Tuesday became a radical act, not met with resistance, but met with intrigue. In some way, it felt like a proclamation. We are here being ourselves, and that is allowed. The way you are is also welcome here. We introduce to you this possibility! 


Despite Hamid's request, the governor and mayor were no-shows. What is with those permaculture weirdos? I want to be one! Ah! Meow!


We ate a mediterranean dinner which is important to note because our dance space that night in Sacramento was tiny. To me, the anecdote to shame is oversharing. I take on oversharing as my personal political project. On that note, we were quite a gassy crew last night. I'm not ashamed of my gas, I only wish my newest partner was there to witness me in my fartabulous state. I recommend only dating those who encourage you to fart. Meooow!


Once we finally made it to Oak Park Healing Center, Raina lead us and some Sacramento dancers through Contact Improvisation workshop. We went over the fundamentals: rolling point of contact, weight-sharing, and counter-balance. While a fan of smashing my body into willing participants, learning to tune into the more subtle aspects of flow felt incredibly rewarding. I got the privilege of sharing a dance with Harriet, the oldest & one of the sassiest movers in our community, and meow meow meow, I also owe the internet a video of her hands in contact. The grace of her wrists and vibrance of her fingers really deserve their own Instagram following.


Daniel awakened the room with a deep bassy world music set. Oh, it was so swampy and beautiful. We were so sweaty and farty and loving on each other (Brynne wants you to know that she took responsibility and went into the side room). It was dense in there, but true to the Ecstatic Dance way, we accepted our human bodies and more. 


By the time we finally made it back to camp, the rangers accidentally locked us out of our campsite, Negro Bar National Park. Half of us didn't even notice due to the depth of our cuddles and silliness. I fell asleep to an orated original bedtime story about a kid named Juan who was never allowed to have fun, leaving his grey life to go to the carnival for one day to eat cotton candy, before returning to the greyness of school by Michael, aka Moose-Knuckle Brown.


Fresh from inside the Green Tortoise,



Ok, as promised here are some magical quotes from Tuesday:

"I am so over sacred geometry."


Martina regarding love: "I love a long leash"


Rosie teaching us grinding: "Imagine a long wooden spoon coming out of your root chakra, now you got to scrape the sides of the peanut butter bowl between your legs."


Upon Michael asking Scott what kind of tree he associated with, he responded matter of factly: " I WAS a tree. Mighty Oak."


In reference to agreement number 4. "SOBER! I left my party supplies at home." Brynne gave such enthusiastic consent in the first sentence, and sang the second. Does that make sense? Maybe you had to be there.


Deets about Monday's dance

Where: Oak Park Healing Center

Music: DJ Daniel Mollner

Dinner: Mediterranean


Coming up next blog:

More magical quotes and heart-shares

An original bedtime story by Michael aka Moose-Knuckle Brown

Nevada City! (A crystal shop with actual lose stones on the floor)

How I almost cried because I didn't agree with my Human-design reading (Are my metaphorical ovaries really atrophying?!)




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