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'21 Winter Solstice Retreat

RETREAT SCHEDULE (subject to change at any time)

Friday Dec 17

12 - 3pm     Arrival Window

3-4pm         Opening Circle

4-5pm         Movement Jam with Daniel Mollner

6-7pm         Dinner

8-10pm       Ecstatic Dance with Dayva Dawn

Saturday Dec 18

9-10am               Breakfast

10am-12pm       Enter the Chrysalis: A Movement Preparation Journey with Jolyn Hope

12:30-1:30pm    Lunch

2:30-5:30pm      Sun Process with Sun Yom

6-7pm                 Dinner

7-8pm                 Winter Solstice Ceremony with Sage Caimor and Atasiea (Day of Silence begins)

8-10pm               Ecstatic Dance with AguaMayyim

Sunday Dec 19

9-10am              Breakfast

10am-12pm      The Altar of Your Life with Ian Stratton and Daniel Mollner

12:30-1:30pm    Lunch

2-4:00pm           Gaia Dancing: Nature Connection, Movement and Breath with Devi Peri

6-7pm                Dinner

7-8pm                How You Love Your Self with Brian Orr (Day of Silence ends)

8-10pm              Ecstatic Dance with Deanna Falge

Monday Dec 20

9-10am              Breakfast

10am-12pm      Dancing Freedom with Atasiea

12:30-1:30pm    Lunch

1:30-3pm           Closing Dance and Circle with Molly XO

3pm                    Departure

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