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Once again, I'm renting Maitreya Retreat for another special evening of movement, expression, connection, and sacredness. As with our last event, please come if you feel called and if you are ready and willing to take 100% responsibility for your experience, health, and safety. This is an outdoor event so there is NO requirement for masks, tests, or vax. Read below for details. I would be honored to have you there should you feel the call.

6:00p Doors open

6:15p Yoga with Kelly Kramer

7:15p Opening Circle and Sound Bath with Matter

7:30p Ecstatic Dance with Daniel Mollner

9:00p Sound Bath with Matter

9:40p Closing Circle

** additionally, Sam David will be offering didgeridoo in the sauna periodically throughout the evening.

​ONLY the tubs and sauna are clothing optional for this event. Please keep this event cell phone free, substance free, and scent free. Otherwise, you are fully at choice any time during the event. Thank you for consistently practicing active consent in all your interactions with others.

NOTE: Please bring your own towel if possible. It makes it easier on Maitreya and much easier for you to spot your own towel in the mass of all the generic white towels they hand out!

$35 in advance, $45 at the door. Maitreya passes/memberships not valid for this event.

Maitreya Retreat at 702 Water Street in Santa Cruz

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