(February and March listed below)

Yes we are dancing today Monday 2/22


Outdoor Dist-Dances

(Three times weekly!)

Mondays and Thursdays

4pm to Sunset

Saturdays 2pm to 4pm

at Ocean View Park in SC

Ocean View Park is an amazing place for an Ecstatic Dance outside overlooking the beautiful Monterey Bay. With three dances offered each week you've got plenty of opportunity to move, express, and connect with your innermost wisdom and resource. Come join us any Monday, Thursday, or Saturday afternoon. 

Outdoor dist-dances are compliant with shelter in place variances for outdoor group exercise and will be offered at least through all of January and February...weather permitting! If it's raining, we won't dance. I'll post a cancellation notice right here by noon on the day of the scheduled dance so you'll know for sure. Otherwise you can assume the dance is happening!


** Suggested donation $5-$15 (cash only, please). All outdoor dist-dances using “Silent Disco” headphones that I provide and 10’ physical distancing. Compliant with SCC variances for outdoor group exercise.



Follow your DJ dreams!

Ecstatic DJ Training

w/ Daniel Mollner


An Embodied DJ training

for all levels of experience


Friday 2/19 to Sunday 2/21

at the 418 Project

in Santa Cruz



Do you want to make 2021 a powerful year for living your passion and purpose? Have you dreamed of DJing and been wondering how to get started? Are you an experienced DJ looking to learn/deepen the specific art and craft of DJing for Ecstatic Dance?


Then this embodied DJ training is for you!


This is a small group training limited to 10 people. Reserve your spot now (or ask any questions you may have) by emailing HERE. Basic details below:



    The 418 Project in Santa Cruz, CA


    Friday 2/19  7-9pm

    Saturday 2/20  10am-4pm

    Sunday 2/21  12-4pm

Experience level:

    Open to all

Equipment needed:

    Traktor DJ controller and software (I can help you with this if needed)


    $300 to $450 sliding scale (partial scholarships available based on need)


I want to support YOU in becoming the confident, powerful, loving DJ inside you that is yearning to be set free. Contact me HERE with any questions you may have or any support you may need in making your decision to go for it!

'21 Equinox Campout.jpeg


** All offered in compliance with variances for outdoor group exercise and outdoor recreation **

Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improv with Nature, Yoga, Qi Gong, Fire Dance, and a beautiful Equuinox ceremony!

Save the date! An intimate weekend of movement, nature, and community. All in compliance with variances for outdoor recreation and group exercise. More info coming soon. Check back here next week for registration, DJ lineup, classes, workshops, and other special treats still coming together for this magical weekend!

  "My life is devoted to community, family, creativity, play, and service. 

 Whatever I can do to help people be more connected, more fully 

 expressed, and more embodied, that's what I'm all about." 


January Update


It's time.

I took the whole month of December to do some visioning and open to guidance around a big vision that's been coming through. You see, there's something I've been called to do for a long time. And by "do" I also mean "allow and assist to come through".


This idea is not uniquely mine at it's core. Sure, I'm going to give it my personal blend of love and spice AND it's something I've heard other kindred souls wish for and dream about for decades. However after all this time, it's still a distant dream.

Well, it no longer feels distant to me.


After last month's deep dive, I've come out feeling CLEAR and READY to take the lead and make it so. With a lot of help and support from others of course! Plus, I'm aware that in addition to the "make it so" energy (Yang) there is an equal and perhaps even more important energy of "welcoming it in to being" (Yin) that will be needed every step of the way.

Will you join me right now it setting that tone? Let's welcome in the thing that's coming...even before it's here. Imagine a special place in the Santa Cruz Mountains where people experience what's most important in life... community, family, intimacy with self and other, well-being, service, creative expression, embodiment, and communion with the natural world.

Even though you don't have any real details at this point, will you begin to imagine such a place within half an hour of downtown Santa Cruz?


"Well, Daniel, what exactly is this place?" you may be wondering. That's totally understandable. At this point I don't want to reveal more until I've got a solid way of sharing a clear picture of the vision with you. Next month that should be ready. Until then know that a special place that will be home to many people in many different ways is on it's way.

Together we will make it so and welcome it in.


about me

I live in Santa Cruz, California and am grateful every day for the gift of life. I am passionate about creative expression and I am devoted to building communities that balance personal freedom with care for the whole. My love of freeform conscious dance nourishes me daily and inspires me to share the gift of music, dance, and conscious touch wherever it is wanted or needed. My community, family, friends, and loved ones provide the perfect blend of belonging and freedom. I know my purpose and how I am needed.  I know that those who care about me want only one thing from me...to give them my authentic self.



Have a question? Make sure to check the FAQ section to see if your answer is there first. If you still need more info (or just want to send me some love and appreciation) don't hesitate to use this tool to zip an email to my inbox!

photo A. Orion