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  • Do you record your sets and where can I listen to them?
    Yes and no ;-) As a general practice, I do NOT record ED sets. I uniquely curate and mix sets on the fly and in response to the dancers and the energy in the room. What comes through during a dance is for that particular time and space. Sometimes I think of it sorta like a Tibetan sand painting...something meant to blow away in the wind when finished. It's all very alive in the moment of creation, but to record and play it back later actually feels kind of weird! Where did all the dancers go? That being said, I have decided to record one set a month (I typically DJ twenty or more times a month!) and then include it as a free download in my monthly newsletter. So if you want to hear some of my sets after the fact then please subscribe to my newsletter. You can do so right here on my website at the bottom of every page.
  • When and where do you DJ and/or host Ecstatic Dances?
    Go to the menu bar and click on "Dances" to find out about all my regualr weekly dances
  • How can I find other Ecstatic Dances besides yours?
    Ah well it just so happens there is an amazing map tool for that here...
  • Do you teach private Contact Improv lessons?
    I used to but am no longer offering them at this tme. Private lessons are an amazing way to learn and grow so if you feel inspired then just ask around at your local jam and you'll find an experienced teacher to do one-on-one lessons with you.
  • Do you offer DJ lessons or do you have any trainings coming up?
    I will be offering my next DJ training March 18-20, 2022. Go HERE for info and/or to register!
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