© 2013 by Daniel Mollner


// Daniel Mollner

For the past two decades, Daniel has combined his passion for dance and music with his Masters Degree in Education to create potent experiential containers for embodiment. 

He is the cofounder of Contact University, Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz, and the founder of the National Ecstatic Dance Bus Tour. He deejays, teaches and facilitates internationally and is based in Santa Cruz, CA.


I dance daily.


I am totally devoted to bringing the power of dance to all who want or need it.


I make films that awaken our hearts and minds.



I live in Santa Cruz, California and am grateful every day for the gift of life.


Dance and filmmaking are my two biggest passions.


I believe dance is a basic human need. It serves to connect us with ourselves and each other. Dance promotes our heath, our vitality, and our growth as conscious, embodied beings.

I also believe in the power of Story.  I am constantly "authoring" the story of my life every day...every moment, really.  What are the best stories to tell myself and others then?  And how best to tell them?


In my opinion, film is the ultimate form of storytelling for our era. I am passionate about making films that inspire and motivate us all to live fully, freely, and with love at our center.


My community, family, friends, and loved ones provide the perfect blend of belonging and freedom. I know my purpose and how I am needed.  I know that those who care about me want only one thing from me...to give them my authentic self.