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Contact Improvisation (CI) is a revolutionary, “formless” dance form first proposed and explored by Steve Paxton and others in the 1970′s. Emphasizing dynamic weight sharing with a partner, it has had a profound effect on the modern dance landscape and is considered both a social dance as well as a ground-breaking art form. Contact Improv appeals to both professional and non-professional dancers because of it’s wide range of potential for the moving body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a dance "form" in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. Contact Improvisation is a form of dance improvisation and is one of the best-known and most characteristic forms of postmodern dance.

What is Contact Improvisation?

Yeah, but what's it like?

Some have described Contact Improv as a little bit like partner dance, wrestling, movement meditation, partner massage, and gymnastics all combined into a social art form.  Ultimately, CI is an open and on-going inquiry into the body physics of movement in relation to self and other.  In many ways it's up to you to define it on your own terms...and enjoy it in the way that works for you.

Can anyone do it?


Will it be fun?

Way fun.  And challenging at times.  Afterall, what's fun without a little challenge thrown in to spice things up?

What's it cost?

Prices vary depending on the offering. Typically though, classes average out at about  $16 each. I teach committed series classes so you must sign up for a full series of six classes (that's $98 per series). There are no drop-ins. Trust me...this is the best way to learn.


I also teach workshops and intensives so those are priced accordingly.

Can I get private instruction?

Please come to class wearing loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in.  Jeans, belts, anything with buttons, jewlery, and such are not recommended.  Water is good.  So is your curiosity and willingness to try new things.  We dance barefoot.

What do I wear, need to bring to class, etc.?

Private instruction is an extrememly effective way to grow your Contact skills and abilities. I take time to work with you in a focused way that attends to your individual needs. .

Sessions are $100 for an hour. You will begin by describing what it is you'd like to develop or "work on".  Daniel will then craft a structure for the session in which you'll be dancing together, practicing, and reflecting on your progress. Contact me directly at (831) 239-0321 or email using the form on the "CONNECT" page of this website.

How do I sign up?

Just look to the column on the left for the latest class or workshop and click to sign up!!



A day of Contact in Nature!

an outdoor adventure

Sunday, Aug. 11


NOTE: Carpool to site from the 418 Project! All meet at 12:45pm in the parking lot at the 418 Project (418 Front St.)


Where: Wilder Ranch

When: Sunday, Aug. 11  1pm to 6pm

Cost:  $45 (early registration online $40)





Contact Improvisation is one of my favorite ways to engage Nature. Using the principles and perspectives of CI, we can achieve greater intimacy, appreciation, and understanding of our place in the natural world. Plus have a ton of fun with friends both new and old!


We will embark on a grand adventure together for the afternoon. Exploring Upper and Lower Wilder Ranch, I'll lead a short investigation of each environment plus offer tips and techniques for engagement. Then movers will be free to explore and play together inspired by the elemental forces of water, air, earth, and fire!

We start the day in a secluded cove with a sandy beach and exotic fern grotto. We then head for the upper portion of the Wilder to explore the support and shelter of centuries-old oak tress and other delights of the hills and forests there. Our day concludes with some time for sharing and reflection on the highlights of our explorations.


Meet at 418 Front St. at 12:45 pm and we will form small carpools to travel together from there. Call 831-239-0321 if you need details or more clarification.


What to bring:


--Swim clothes and a towel (sorry this is NOT clothing optional)


--Socks or barefeet in the sand, plus footwear for water and rocks in the river.


--Dress in layers


--Snacks and water


--Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc.


--Your curiosity, willingness, and sense of adventure!


All levels of experience are welcome.

Cost is $45 (or $40 for early reg online)


Remember to register ahead of time and save

five bucks using the "Buy Now" button above!


Guide and facilitator Daniel Mollner


Contact      Improvisation



  • Improve coordination and balance

  • Experience more play and spontaneity

  • Increase strength and agility

  • Gain confidence on the dance floor

  • Deepen your connection with others

  • Deepen your connection with self

  • Have fun while staying in shape

  • Build healthy reflexes and responses to the unexpected

  • Contact lessons are metaphors for your larger life

  • Join a welcoming, conscious community of movers